Educating All Gods Children Book - What Christians can and should do to help improve public education for low income kids By Nicole Baker Fulgham, PHD.

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"A compelling call to a new generation of Christians..."

Jim Wallis, President and CEO, Sojourners

By the time kids in low-income communities are in fourth grade, they’re already three grade levels behind their peers in wealthier communities. More than 50% won’t graduate from high school—and many that do graduate only perform at an 8th grade level. Only one in ten will go on to graduate from college-and these students have severely diminished opportunities for personal prosperity and professional success.

America strives to be the land of equal opportunity, but our nation’s public schools are not leveling the playing field. Something must change...

Education expert Nicole Baker Fulgham explores what Christians, and everyone- can and should do to help improve educational outcomes for America’s children by helping to improve our public schools. Educating All God's Children is clear, compelling and definitive!

Introducing 'Educating All God's Children' - Nicole Baker Fulgham